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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st superpulpo (LAS) 8944839
2nd surfistão esse7 (BR) 7507162
3rd MarchedWaif89 (LAN) 6001060
4th PRO IIAKIRAII (LAN) 5342353
5th 재 간 입 니 다 (KR) 5050951
6th 옵 바 (KR) 5042712
7th 묘수쿤 (KR) 4528201
8th DrDidit (NA) 4497443
9th Talinis (NA) 4468159
10th Magnanimous (LAN) 4314788
11th TaylorEG (NA) 4230463
12th 10968564del (KR) 4199596
13th Faker KAI (KR) 4100695
14th nokya2 (EUW) 4093115
15th 피즈 판수 장인 (KR) 3911535
16th 집중과선택 (KR) 3833374
17th You Make Me Chum (NA) 3812242
18th 훈훈하게현란하게 (KR) 3802152
19th CJNG (LAS) 3797379
20th Barbulescu (NA) 3773788
21st Reputed (NA) 3756530
22nd 2TA Devilos (EUW) 3714519
23rd 킹 즈 (KR) 3601109
24th Cuervo volador (EUW) 3462409
25th 몽글몽글야채호빵 (KR) 3417082
26th 치킨쪼아앙 (KR) 3367539
27th 19032112del (KR) 3350709
28th BlackFizz (NA) 3331624
29th Ja Fizz 1v5 (BR) 3304649
30th Khalid (OCE) 3291874
31st N A R I G Ø N (LAS) 3278583
32nd The Yake (EUW) 3250663
33rd AlvaxFizz (LAS) 3233655
34th CAMINO DE RIPIO (LAS) 3210478
35th IIIIIlIIIlIIlIII (EUW) 3196356
36th Crainie (EUW) 3187362
37th Officer Helge (EUW) 3182034
38th Luigí (EUW) 3150876
39th 박정하 (KR) 3149243
40th TheCharuman (EUW) 3148298
41st ISTP 만능재주꾼 (KR) 3125574
42nd best fizz ever (EUW) 3119511
43rd JayeDeeSee (NA) 3096287
44th 영웅서기 (KR) 3080060
45th Fisherman Neymar (NA) 3032567
46th CBennett1212 (NA) 3003953
47th bayaba1 (KR) 2957121
48th WarnedJacka (NA) 2943054
49th Fizz Carry Baby (LAN) 2901372