Frequently Asked Questions

Somebody is missing from the highscores list!

Players must be looked up on the site to appear on the highscores. Look them up (using the search box in the top right) and they will be added to the list.

When I click on a player on the highscores list, it says they weren't found or it brings me to the wrong player!

If their mastery data is slightly outdated: champion mastery info is cached for 10 minutes. Try refreshing the page in a few minutes to update it.
If the mastery data is completely incorrect: this can happen in certain rare situations. Message me on Reddit or create an issue on GitHub and I will fix it manually.

Can you add a separate highscores list for each region?

I am considering doing this in the future after some other higher priority projects.

Can you show everybody on the highscores (instead of just the top 50 players)?

I hope to do this in the future, but it will require a large amount of development work to support.

Do you have an API for the highscores list?

Since player IDs from the Riot Games API are different for each application, there isn't a reliable way to share this data.

Can I have my name removed from the highscores list?

See this article for information about how you can have your name redacted on the highscores.


If the answers above haven't helped, email me or Message me on Reddit