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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Hi Im Viego (NA) 236866
2nd Sentoken (NA) 221641
3rd Decennia (NA) 210327
4th Pay The Fine (EUW) 208845
5th Regruit1 (EUNE) 204677
6th 18LP (EUNE) 201597
7th Crimstick (EUW) 190466
8th Trebled (NA) 185398
9th Baldrage (EUW) 184789
10th Ru1ned Prince (EUW) 183122
11th Viegotist (NA) 181854
12th BestCzechJungler (EUW) 176738
13th KDA Viego (EUW) 173939
14th Kndrck (NA) 166020
15th Viegoooo (NA) 162063
16th ismaxd7 (EUW) 161699
17th Haru333 (NA) 159991
18th D2 resurrected (EUW) 159800
19th Viego F yourself (NA) 152262
20th EdinEdin1 (EUNE) 150205
21st Fadeswag (EUW) 144581
22nd Enkidu The Fool (NA) 143149
23rd Mr LosingStreak (EUW) 140407
24th mister Viego (EUW) 138266
25th nukan (BR) 137127
26th Pão com Chouriço (EUW) 136831
27th 비비고 잡아주셈 (KR) 136452
28th 비에고1등 (KR) 133667
29th Skid Row (EUW) 129981
30th Kazric (NA) 123641
31st 빵댕이지리는응애 (KR) 122310
32nd Boredo0m (EUW) 120163
33rd Black But Whole (NA) 114622
34th Slash And Dash (EUNE) 113140
35th jhin gf (EUNE) 112378
36th Nabu Kinda Trash (NA) 112099
37th Redface190 (NA) 111618
38th Vallex (NA) 110571
39th xPurf (NA) 106680
40th dylu2137 (EUNE) 104315
41st Ðaichí (EUW) 104123
42nd coconutsexual (NA) 103918
43rd Warding Totem (OCE) 102427
44th Aleatorio7 (BR) 101296