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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st DOGBUGBABY (KR) 5873825
2nd 99Palms (NA) 5176414
3rd 30대 제드 컨트롤 (KR) 4394268
4th One Hit Your Zed (NA) 3815730
5th Portgas D Yce (EUW) 3777748
6th Zed King (NA) 3747325
7th 갓 피닉스 (KR) 3707213
8th Fanatiq (NA) 3585218
9th Predawne (NA) 3532290
10th ZeddinoStyle (EUW) 3384635
11th Black Reaper es (NA) 3341186
12th Devil Mark (TR) 3336611
13th TheS0ulR3aper (NA) 3287671
14th Roaming Shadows (LAS) 3265797
15th Arkirron (EUW) 3242280
16th Shirodog (EUW) 3241516
17th 문도와바람난아리 (KR) 3169953
18th El Tonto (EUW) 3148150
19th Kiting Zed (TR) 3147887
20th Zedtime Story (NA) 3100565
21st Immortal Zed God (EUNE) 3094927
22nd ZED RWEQ OXAE (RU) 3083720
23rd Desiderium (NA) 3036014
24th Żed (TR) 3019367
25th Puppy (NA) 3000249
26th STOP THE STEAL (EUW) 2936003
27th SugarDaddyShad (NA) 2921230
28th 420WeabooSlayer (EUW) 2869791
29th BuffaloMeat (NA) 2860500
30th The Charming Zed (NA) 2839899
31st umbraˉ (NA) 2805485
32nd X Zed X (TR) 2774055
33rd PoorSkater (TR) 2756720
34th 야경에찌든부엉이 (KR) 2749417
35th Weißer Glint (JP) 2719994
36th SavorWolf (NA) 2702635
37th Venomist (EUNE) 2695351
38th Razor Zed (NA) 2688479
39th Iam Øk (LAN) 2687929
40th The Chillin (NA) 2674044
41st kill for fun (EUW) 2652242
42nd SKT Tl F4ker (KR) 2613635
43rd zedgurami (EUNE) 2589670
44th 떡두기 (KR) 2557252
45th O W E N T S (LAN) 2545181
46th LL Stylish (NA) 2542425
47th Letter 26 (NA) 2533808
48th Hegga (NA) 2528677
49th 아케가라스 (KR) 2498262
50th uso (NA) 2488663