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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st PoorBlindSick (NA) 10796823
2nd pedroPPN (BR) 6594018
3rd Darkest Clone (NA) 6102275
4th White ShacStab (EUW) 5888134
5th Veden (RU) 5720230
6th Mano Xu PK (BR) 5611316
7th The Pursuer (BR) 5414389
8th Shacophrenia (NA) 5304134
9th Dr Clown PhD MD (NA) 5168455
10th Sermens (EUW) 4984607
11th 니뒤모쏠왕샤코 (KR) 4880330
12th SKT checkMate (KR) 4795302
13th Extreme Person (NA) 4704134
14th Ka10Go (EUNE) 4644551
15th herpetologist (NA) 4638674
16th Greedy Nab (LAS) 4635853
17th Pink Ward (NA) 4429299
18th SoulNibbler (NA) 4370887
19th 정수 약탈자 샤코 (KR) 4340164
20th Shallan (BR) 4307346
21st SEVENVOICES (NA) 4284462
22nd 메소드 (KR) 4260492
23rd No Prio Invade (NA) 4229660
24th トーン淡淡 (JP) 4111570
25th HorribleTomato (EUNE) 4054964
26th DWG BoxMaker (KR) 4046781
27th 450EuroBasis (EUW) 4044573
28th BLEIZ351 (RU) 4035953
29th onill (BR) 3990759
30th Bromistas (LAS) 3967538
31st Just stfu plss (EUW) 3886388
32nd Sumídão (BR) 3809326
33rd Joke in Da Box (EUNE) 3778311
34th ShaSick (LAS) 3733905
35th dt3kt (EUW) 3717476
36th papasmurf11 (EUNE) 3709727
37th Endstation Puff (EUW) 3689908
38th Touch The Box (NA) 3689371
39th SealtielBO (LAN) 3678665
40th MiClonTeSuportea (LAS) 3622338
41st Ashique (NA) 3617870
42nd Joker D Shaco (EUW) 3604582
43rd Konann (NA) 3596301
44th Poof of Smoke (EUW) 3573115
45th GioGio Fredriks (EUNE) 3562205
46th BY Tariç (TR) 3556811
47th Shac Nicholson (EUW) 3546730
48th Abdul Al Koholic (EUW) 3541432
49th Cocain Breakfast (NA) 3533012
50th 멘탈잡자으쌰으쌰 (KR) 3518077