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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Åkí (NA) 3337771
2nd guyanat (EUW) 2580824
3rd niyxi (BR) 2541030
4th Oi eu sou o Teus (BR) 2514944
5th PıxeI (TR) 2434173
6th Xayah is Rebel (TR) 2414240
7th Hi im Xayah (EUW) 2337186
8th Miella the Rebel (EUW) 2286269
9th BladeSingularity (NA) 2275511
10th ALECSSSS7 (EUNE) 2245375
11th Xayah is Queen (TR) 2224054
12th Lady Xayah (TR) 2209166
13th PandanınFeederi (TR) 2058697
14th Hi im Xayah (EUNE) 2036899
15th Xâyàh (EUNE) 2011741
16th GG Myth (TR) 1926534
17th ohhellosara (NA) 1910758
18th DefliSp (EUW) 1900039
19th BLK Ayah (BR) 1899777
20th Sapphire Xayah (EUW) 1882619
21st King of Vastayas (BR) 1877034
22nd L0veMyFeathers (EUW) 1847937
23rd PoolParty Xayah (EUW) 1844924
24th ShakeMyFeathers (EUNE) 1817871
25th iMiraZuke (BR) 1817101
26th Nø More (TR) 1812993
27th dogan89 (TR) 1810321
28th Lunar Xayah (EUNE) 1782837
29th Kiwis (EUNE) 1755360
30th NightShift (LAS) 1751267
31st H E S Ø Y A M (EUNE) 1718551
32nd MDJ Dan (BR) 1706112
33rd Jesus holy pants (RU) 1689745
34th lolofking (TR) 1682086
35th Xayah Lenhadora (BR) 1656626
36th The MeXayah (OCE) 1645259
37th Layla Hassan (EUW) 1628385
38th One Thicc Xayah (EUW) 1620314
39th Akromia (NA) 1613542
40th Papatesss (TR) 1607692
41st Xąyåh (EUW) 1601887
42nd Veternus (EUW) 1555626
43rd Xaγah (EUW) 1551810
44th Xåyąh (EUW) 1546744
45th WKoiLuarW (RU) 1517559
46th Xayah Chan (EUW) 1513456
47th AmethystRaven (EUNE) 1500496
48th 깃털뽑는자야 (KR) 1495676
49th Seleryon (EUW) 1493877
50th TT xx TT (KR) 1467734