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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Your Cut (NA) 3854985
2nd Nobody save you (TR) 3802819
3rd Ich Bin PYKE (TR) 2789822
4th pino88 (JP) 2662479
5th 서폿빼면브론즈 (KR) 2440912
6th Palek (EUW) 2405658
7th speel hill (BR) 2283858
8th Mechanic Defying (NA) 2262537
9th God Tier Pykee (TR) 2243510
10th stay noided af (NA) 2207517
11th GOD OF PYKE (TR) 2179356
12th PenPen (EUW) 2149533
13th FLAMINGO PELADO (BR) 2055023
14th Hollowzk (BR) 2002362
15th HOrozimbOH (BR) 1988309
16th Meño889 (LAN) 1880108
17th Main Sup (NA) 1867471
18th Shonon (JP) 1850860
19th Pyro Uzume (LAN) 1844366
20th PYKOphile (EUW) 1842673
21st Bot Pyke (EUNE) 1825817
22nd Bobby3itch (NA) 1792388
23rd Je Suis Pyke (EUNE) 1734135
24th クレリア (JP) 1713588
25th cox Pyke (EUNE) 1696476
26th tolakys (EUNE) 1652762
27th Kyshiró (EUW) 1576417
28th mihwak (TR) 1563078
29th Mikhas (BR) 1558587
30th RGT (TR) 1549999
31st Подводный гном (RU) 1547928
32nd GreekElite (EUNE) 1546165
33rd Fbgg Hanjaro (NA) 1539798
34th Honpi (KR) 1531224
35th Kuber (EUW) 1524100
36th L9 SS LEADER (EUW) 1506443
37th Lilιth (EUW) 1502419
38th joany67 (EUW) 1493287
39th P Y Κ Σ (EUNE) 1486549
40th GiovanniSica (LAN) 1485129
41st 트위치김수당 (KR) 1475941
42nd Xamyn (NA) 1463414
43rd そらみかん (JP) 1455030
44th 체력14당공격력1 (KR) 1437571
45th neologism (EUW) 1429008
46th FGD Pyken (LAS) 1427082
47th 7Dreamcatcher (KR) 1421732
48th SP0OKY DA SCARY (EUW) 1411138
49th Emmanuel sordo (LAN) 1401564
50th GOCA ßOLULU (TR) 1370825