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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st flamb1018 (EUW) 221230
2nd LaBaboon (NA) 170353
3rd KalouMan (EUW) 169910
4th 난관극복 (KR) 152142
5th wandinha é hype (BR) 139451
6th 남주현 (KR) 139369
7th 말레벤토 (KR) 126950
8th Angeless (EUW) 125788
9th VvDAVSvV (EUNE) 116402
10th Conservative (EUW) 114075
11th Geccers (NA) 110134
12th Cacatua Demente (BR) 104102
13th PlasmaHanDoku (NA) 104056