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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Secillia TwTv (NA) 10548629
2nd BJ미스터성 (KR) 7075946
3rd 버림받은영혼 (KR) 6682542
4th 35000739del (KR) 6387026
5th K ι d ι (EUW) 5347768
6th Kanü (LAN) 4825311
7th TheSwiftExile (EUW) 4500201
8th N 5 (NA) 4257438
9th 솔킬따였다정글아 (KR) 4255758
10th Madbliks (BR) 4082838
11th xXAVATARXxANG (EUNE) 3919579
12th M a g i o r e (BR) 3870047
13th 니가 있어 참조타 (KR) 3869762
14th X Sem Xorah X (BR) 3785809
15th tsusdere (NA) 3749018
16th Kiko (EUW) 3742949
17th Teamfighting (EUW) 3734723
18th yuchanghan riven (NA) 3708258
19th Corre Zoe Corre (BR) 3699947
20th 바람의느낌 (KR) 3660797
21st Victorious Riven (EUW) 3626445
22nd Calvin Coolidge (NA) 3612880
23rd Saomaro (EUW) 3611195
24th UPG Heshaluz (LAS) 3606620
25th Mentally ill Lux (NA) 3596607
26th Riven Reigns (NA) 3592310
27th SamuueL (EUNE) 3589816
28th I enjoy Barbecue (EUW) 3581042
29th Wii Kai (NA) 3548406
30th Riven Champagne (LAS) 3529600
31st Let me out (NA) 3500678
32nd German Riven (EUW) 3482635
33rd Yeesha (EUW) 3456741
34th Sinistro (EUNE) 3423556
35th Byun (LAS) 3421820
36th After Forever (OCE) 3415541
37th Robinhocpo (BR) 3411029
38th Toxic Rïven (EUW) 3408392
39th Kakuseii (EUW) 3391158
40th EuDesenho hentai (BR) 3374829
41st JaNn3 (EUNE) 3359078
42nd NANILYN (BR) 3335758
43rd JohnWilliamsV (EUW) 3282144
44th Cerulean Edge (NA) 3271248
45th 적먼저오면탈주 (KR) 3244308
46th Andrew3run (EUW) 3239005
47th Háyabusa (EUW) 3234232
48th Concurrency (NA) 3212312
49th Rïven (BR) 3196646
50th Tohuwabohu (BR) 3193306