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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Go Outside Bro (NA) 9820861
2nd 리븐에미친넘 (KR) 6661770
3rd 35000739del (KR) 6387026
4th 버림받은영혼 (KR) 5937707
5th K ι d ι (EUW) 5347768
6th Kanü (LAN) 4811603
7th 솔킬따였다정글아 (KR) 4255758
8th TheSwiftExile (EUW) 4105325
9th N 5 (NA) 3970585
10th Madbliks (BR) 3946281
11th 니가 있어 참조타 (KR) 3869602
12th tsusdere (NA) 3748053
13th M a g i o r e (BR) 3734653
14th yuchanghan riven (NA) 3708258
15th Corre Zoe Corre (BR) 3594922
16th Let me out (NA) 3500678
17th Teamfighting (EUW) 3496638
18th xXAVATARXxANG (EUNE) 3476112
19th Wait WTH James (NA) 3455760
20th UPG Heshaluz (LAS) 3451463
21st Yeesha (EUW) 3443239
22nd Sinistro (EUNE) 3423556
23rd I enjoy Barbecue (EUW) 3391179
24th Robinhocpo (BR) 3373792
25th Victorious Riven (EUW) 3338776
26th SamuueL (EUNE) 3331437
27th Calvin Coolidge (NA) 3321182
28th Saomaro (EUW) 3319621
29th Riven fail (EUW) 3314069
30th NANILYN (BR) 3263273
31st 바람의느낌 (KR) 3258059
32nd Kikoro (EUW) 3239100
33rd Geiler Pädobär (EUW) 3221104
34th Kim Bum (LAS) 3216765
35th Yörkz (LAS) 3199679
36th 혼자 이별 (KR) 3163339
37th Cerulean Edge (NA) 3161868
38th 폭탄주달인 (KR) 3151757
39th JaNn3 (EUNE) 3142129
40th Panik Andrew3run (EUW) 3141259
41st Rιven The Exile (EUNE) 3129216
42nd Concurrency (NA) 3114553
43rd Brokën TopLaner (EUNE) 3112126
44th Eduart Matos (BR) 3111561
45th After Forever (OCE) 3099863
46th Wii Kai (NA) 3099117
47th Destrux (EUW) 3083910
48th oooooooooooooo (BR) 3045597
49th aliso bolos (BR) 3040083
50th Solo Kirigaya (EUW) 3036972